Test Your Docker and Artifactory Cloud Setup

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The following example demonstrates the following scenario:

  • Pulling the hello-world Docker image

  • Logging into your virtual Docker repository

  • Retagging the hello-world image, and then pushing it into your virtual Docker repository


In this example, the Artifactory Cloud server is named acme.

  1. Start by creating a virtual Docker repository called dockerv2-virtual.

  2. Pull the hello-world image

    docker pull hello-world
  3. Log in to repository dockerv2-virtual

    docker login acme-dockerv2-virtual.jfrog.io
  4. Tag the hello-world image

    docker tag hello-world acme-dockerv2-virtual.jfrog.io/hello-world
  5. Push the tagged hello-world image to dockerv2-virtual

    docker push acme-dockerv2-virtual.jfrog.io/hello-world