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Symbol files (which are .pdb files) provide a footprint of the functions that are contained in executable files and dynamic-link libraries (DLLs) and can present a roadmap of the function calls that lead to the point of failure.

A Symbol Server stores the .PDB files and binaries for all your public builds. These are used to enable you to debug any crash or problem that is reported for one of your stored builds. Both Visual Studio and WinDBG know how to access Symbol Servers, and if the binary you are debugging is from a public build, the debugger will get the matching PDB file automatically.

From Artifactory 7.36, you can benefit from the following advanced Symbol Server features:

  • Publishing while indexing your Symbol packages to Artifactory from your NuGet Client v3 together with your NuGet packages or as separate Symbol packages

  • Resolving Symbol files (.pdb) from virtual and local repositories in the JFrog Platform

  • Resolving Symbol files from remote proxies. For example,

  • Debugging the Symbol files hosted on Artifactory using the Visual Studio debugger tool.

Note that prior to Artifactory 7.36, Symbol Server support was limited to setting Artifactory as a remote Proxy for Symbol files that were hosted as Generic packages in Artifactory

Support PDB Formats

  • Microsoft PDB V7 (Microsoft C/C++ MSF 7.00)

  • Portable PDB v1.0