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From Artifactory release 7.49.6, you can monitor the status of Federated repositories using a set of dedicated REST APIs. Use these APIs to get the status of the Federation for a specific repository, to get a list of Federation mirror lag times, and to get a list of unsynchronized mirrors.

Get Federated Repository Status

Returns the synchronization status of the Federation for a specific repository, including:Get Federated Repository Status

  • The number of tasks in progress

  • The number of failed tasks

  • The number of various types of pending events (create, update, delete, node property, error)

  • Server lag time (elapsed time since last event not handled)

  • The number of fully replicated artifacts (binary and metadata)

  • The number of artificially replicated artifacts (metadata only)

Get Federation Mirror Lag Time

Returns the elapsed time since the last event that was not handled on each Federation mirror for all repositories. This API can be used to gather lag statistics at regular intervals. When a repository with significant lag is detected, the Get Federated Repository Status API can be used to get additional details.Get Federation Mirror Lag Time

Get Unavailable Mirrors

Returns a list of unsynchronized Federated mirrors from all repositories. Mirrors are unsynchronized in the following circumstances:Get Unavailable Mirrors

  • When mirrors are first added to the Federation

  • During repository migration from local to Federated

  • When a certain error threshold is crossed