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A promotion operation represents one step as the release advances through the stages of its lifecycle. Promoting a Release Bundle version copies the contents of the Release Bundle to a defined set of target repositories (local or Federated only) in a defined environment. For example, you can promote to a Staging environment or to Production.

When a Release Bundle is promoted, evidence in the form of a signed and locked file is attached to the Release Bundle that provides a record of the promotion (when, where, and by whom). This evidence provides full traceability and attests to the immutability of the Release Bundle. Each promotion adds another layer of signed evidence that safeguards the immutability of the Release Bundle.

To promote a Release Bundle v2 to a target environment:

  1. In the Application module, select Artifactory > Release Lifecycle. The Release Lifecycle dashboard is displayed.

  2. Click the name of the relevant Release Bundle to open the kanban board.

  3. Do one of the following:

    • Click the kanban card for the relevant Release Bundle version to open the timeline view. Select Actions > Promote.



    • Drag-and-drop the card representing the relevant Release Bundle version to the desired environment.



    It is possible to promote the Release Bundle version to any environment in either direction on the kanban board.

  4. In the Promotion Environment tab, verify the selected target environment.

  5. Click Next.

  6. In the Target Repositories tab, review the list of target repositories for each package type. To modify the list, open the relevant dropdown list and clear the checkmark next to each repository to exclude it from the promotion.



    There must be at least one repository defined for each package type.

  7. Click Promote.


    If any artifact in the promotion has a different checksum than the same artifact in the target environment, the promotion stops, and an error message is displayed.


    When JFrog Xray is used to scan Release Bundles for potential vulnerabilities and license violations, Xray will block promotion if the Release Bundle violates a Policy that has a blocking action defined. For more information, see Scan Release Bundles (v2) with Xray.

Promoting a Release Bundle v2 using the REST API

To promote a Release Bundle v2 version from one environment to another, use the Promote Release Bundle v2 Version REST API.EnvironmentsPromote Release Bundle v2 Version