Set Up Local Composer Repositories

JFrog Artifactory Documentation


To enable calculation of Composer package metadata, from the Administration Module, go to Repositories | Repositories | Local and set PHP Composer to be the Package Type when you create your local Composer repository.

Composer v2 Support

Artifactory supports PHP Composer V2 in addition to V1. From Artifactory 7.24.1 (SaaS Version), Local PHP repositories will automatically be created in V2 that supports faster download times and enhanced performance.

The PHP Metadata V2 index support for local repositories, and complies with the following rules:

  • Your existing Composer repositories will remain unchanged and the Enable Composer V1 Indexing checkbox will set as the default.

  • From this Artifactory version and above, all newly created Composer repositories will be set with Composer version 2. The Enable Composer V1 Indexing field is disabled.

The V1 indexing can be enabled or disabled in the local Basic repository configuration and requires full reindexing after applying changes.