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The following advanced settings are common for all package types.



Property Sets

Defines the property sets that will be available for artifacts stored in this repository. For more information, see Property Sets.

Priority Resolution

Setting Priority Resolution takes precedence over the resolution order when resolving virtual repositories. Setting repositories with priority will cause metadata to be merged only from repositories set with this field. If a package is not found in those repositories, Artifactory will merge metadata from the repositories that have not been set with the Priority Resolution field.

Applies to all repository types excluding Chef, CocoaPods, Debian, Git LFS, Opkg, Rust, Vagrant, and VCS repositories.

For more information on package support for this feature, see the Artifactory Release Notes.Artifactory Release Information

Disable Artifact Resolution in Repository

If set, Artifactory ignores this repository when trying to resolve artifacts. The repository is also not available for download or deployment of artifacts.

Allow Content Browsing

When set, allows Artifactory users to browse the internal contents of archives (for example, browsing specific Javadoc files from within a Javadoc archive).

When archive browsing is allowed, strict content moderation should be employed to ensure malicious users do not upload content that may compromise security (e.g. cross-site scripting attacks)

Enable CDN Download

Enables CDN Download requests to this repository will redirect the client to download the files directly from AWS CloudFront. Supported for Enterprise+ and Enterprise Licenses. For more information, see JFrog Cloud with CDN Distribution.JFrog Cloud with CDN Distribution

Replications Tab

The Replications tab lets you define and edit replication settings for the repository. For details, please refer to Repository Replication.