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In many cases, an organization may provide access to Artifactory through a reverse proxy such as NGINX or Apache. In some cases, for example with Artifactory as Docker registry, this set up is even mandatory. To simplify configuring a reverse proxy, Artifactory provides a Reverse Proxy Configuration Generator screen in which you can fill in a set of fields to generate the required configuration snippet which you can then download and install directly in the corresponding directory of your reverse proxy server. You can also use the Reverse Proxy Configuration API to manage reverse proxy configuration.Update Reverse Proxy Configuration


  • HTTP Settings including settings for Reverse Proxy, Apache and NGINX are only available with Self-Hosted deployments. These settings do not appear when working in the SaaS deployment

  • For best security, when using Artifactory behind a reverse proxy, it must be co-located on the same machine as the web server, and Artifactory should be explicitly and exclusively bound to the Proxy host

  • We also recommend that you set your Custom Base URL to match your Public Server Name.

The following topics provide more information about HTTP Settings: