View the Contents of a Release Bundle (v2)

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The Content tab displays all the artifacts that comprise the selected Release Bundle. For example, if you create a Release Bundle from three existing Release Bundles, the Content tab displays a list of all the artifacts in all three Release Bundles.

To view the contents of a Release Bundle v2:

  1. In the Application module, select Artifactory > Release Lifecycle. The Release Lifecycle dashboard is displayed.

  2. Click the name of the relevant Release Bundle to open the kanban board.

  3. Click the card for the relevant Release Bundle version to open its timeline.

  4. Scroll down to the start of the timeline and click the event for Release Bundle version creation. The Creation window is displayed.

  5. Click the Content tab. The list of artifacts that comprise the Release Bundle are displayed.



    Click the Properties field to open a popup window containing the properties defined for the artifact.