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Breaking Change: RubyGems Dependencies REST API

RubyGems is deprecating their support of the /dependencies REST API, and JFrog is removing the support for local repositories to align with RubyGems. For more information, please read this blog post by RubyGems: Dependency API Deprecation or this Knowledge Base article by JFrog: Local Repositories Dependency API Deprecation.

This feature will reach end-of-life on June 1st, 2024.

Artifactory provides full support for RubyGems repositories including:

  • Local repositories with RubyGems API support

  • Caching and proxying remote RubyGems repositories

  • Virtual repositories that aggregate multiple local and remote repositories including indices of both gems and specifications

  • Support for common Ruby tools such as gem and bundler

  • Support for Bundler Compact index for Local and Remote repositories, providing you with the latest version of the package that is compatible with your installed Ruby version of the project.