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Artifactory introduces advanced artifact management to the world of C/C++ through support for local repositories that work directly with the Conan client to manage Conan packages and dependencies. As a repository to which builds can be uploaded, and from which dependencies can be downloaded, Artifactory offers many benefits to C/C++ developers using Conan:

  1. Secure, private repositories for C/C++ packages with fine-grained access control according to projects or development teams

  2. Automatic layout and storage of C/C++ packages for all platforms configured in the Conan client

  3. The ability to provision C/C++ dependencies from Artifactory to the Conan command line tool from local repositories.

  4. Enterprise features such as high availability, repository replication for multi-site development, different options for massively scalable storage.

For more details on building Conan packages and working with the Conan client, please refer to the Conan documentation.

Artifactory Community Edition for C/C++

Conan repositories are available in Artifactory CE.

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From Xray 3.21.2 and above, Xray can scan Conan packages, for more information see Conan and C/C++ Support in Xray.