Convert a Local Repository to a Federated Repository - Platform UI

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You can convert an existing local repository to a Federated repository directly from its listing in the Local tab.

To convert a local repository to a Federated repository:

  1. In the Administration module, select Repositories > Local.

  2. At the end of the row for the relevant local repository, open the Actions list and select Convert to Federated.


    The Convert to Federated Repository dialog opens.

    convert to federated repository.png
  3. Click Convert.

  4. Run a Full Sync operation using the Federated Repository Full Sync REST API.Federated Repository Full Sync

    The Local repository is moved to the Federated tab.

Converted Local Repositories Remain Federated

Removing the repository from the Federation does not automatically revert the repository to a local repository. Removing a repository from the Federation simply disconnects the bi-directional sync; however, the repository remains Federated.

The Federated repository cannot be converted back to a local repository.