NuGet Repositories

JFrog Artifactory Documentation


Artifactory provides complete support for NuGet repositories on top of Artifactory's existing support for advanced artifact management.

Artifactory support for NuGet provides:

  • The ability to provision NuGet packages from Artifactory to NuGet clients from all repository types

  • Metadata calculation for NuGet packages hosted in Artifactory's local repositories

  • The ability to define proxies and caches to access Remote NuGet repositories

  • Multiple NuGet repository aggregation through virtual repositories

  • APIs to deploy or remove packages that are compatible with NuGet Package Manager Visual Studio extension and the NuGet Command Line Tool

  • Debugging NuGet packages directly using Artifactory as Your Symbol Server documentation.Artifactory as Your Symbol Server

  • Support for NuGet API v3 Registries.

  • Support for NuGet SemVer 2.0 Package Support.

Metadata updates

NuGet metadata is automatically calculated and updated when adding, removing, copying or moving NuGet packages. The calculation is only invoked after a package-related action is completed.

It is asynchronous and its performance depends on the overall system load, therefore it may sometimes take up to 30 seconds to complete.

You can also invoke metadata calculation on the entire repository by selecting Reindex Packages.