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From JFrog Artifactory 7.31.10, the Pub repository is supported for the Dart programming language, which contains reusable libraries & packages for Flutter, Angular Dart, and general Dart programs. This gives you full control of your deployment and resolving of Pub packages. Pub downloads your Dart package's dependencies, compiles your packages, makes distributable packages, and uploads them to, the Dart community’s package registry. You can contribute to this book on GitHub.

About Dart Programming Language

Dart is an Open Source, client-side programming language developed by Google, which is designed for client development, such as web and mobile apps. Dart is an object-oriented, class-based, garbage-collected language with a C-style syntax, and can also be used to build server and desktop applications.

Flutter is an Open-Source UI SDK also developed by Google. It allows the development of iOS/Android apps and uses Dart as its programming language.

Pub repositories in Artifactory offer the following benefits:

  • Secure and private local Pub repositories with fine-grained access control

  • The ability to serve as a proxy for remote Pub resources and to cache downloaded Pub packages to keep you independent of the network and the remote resource

  • Metadata calculation of the Pub packages hosted in the Artifactory local repositories

  • Version management: Archiving older versions of the packages uploaded to local repositories

  • Source and binary management

Supported Pub Version

Artifactory supports Pub version 2.15.0-268.8.beta and above.