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Deploying Helm charts is done using cURL, Wget, JFrog CLI or any of the ways described in Deploying Artifacts.

To deploy Helm charts to a virtual Helm repository, make sure you have set the Default Deployment Repository.

Helm Default Repo.png

Reindexing a Helm Chart repository

You can trigger an asynchronous reindexing of a local Helm chart repository either through the UI or using the REST API.

Through the UI, select your Helm chart repository in the Tree Browser and select Recalculate Index from the right-click menu, as shown below (requires Admin privileges).

Artifact Browser Helm Recalculate Index.png

To reindex a Helm chart repository through the REST API, please refer to Calculate Helm Chart Index.Calculate Helm Chart Index


Using the above REST API command or UI will reindex the index.yaml from scratch. You may receive a partial index.yaml if you attempt to resolve the package from the repository while the calculation is ongoing. Therefore, reindex should only be used if the index.yaml is corrrupted.