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To enable the calculation of Cargo metadata, in the Administration module, go to Repositories| Repositories | Local and select Cargo as the Package Type when you create your local repository.

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Prior to setting a local repository, you will need to configure a Custom Base URL for the Artifactory instance. For more information, see General Settings.General Settings

Local Cargo Repository Layout

You will need to maintain a specific path structure to manage the Cargo packages that are uploaded to Cargo local repositories.

Cargo Source packages are automatically uploaded by default to the relative path: crates/{package_name}/{package_name}-{version}.crate.

Yank and Un-yank Cargo Crates in Local Repositories

Artifactory supports yanking and un-yanking crates in local repositories.

Cargo Yank/ Un-yank

cargo yank hello_world --vers 0.1.4 --token "Bearer (token)"
cargo yank hello_world --vers 0.1.4 --token "Bearer (token)" --undo

Yank/ Un-yank Smart Repositories

To synchronize yanking in Smart remote repositories/replications, the properties must be synced.