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The distribution board provides a visual representation of the Release Bundle versions that have been distributed to Edge nodes and other distribution targets. Use the distribution board to access the timeline for the relevant Release Bundle version.

Subscription Information

This feature is supported with the Enterprise+ license.


Distributing Release Bundles v2 using the dashboard requires Distribution 2.22.1 or above.

To open the distribution board:

  • Click a row in the Release Lifecycle dashboard and then click the Distributions tab.


All Release Bundle versions appear under the target to which they have been distributed. Each card contains the names of the Release Bundle version and the date when it was distributed.


Click the card to view the timeline for that Release Bundle version.

For more information about distributing Release Bundles v2, see Distribute a Release Bundle (v2) using the Platform UI.

Distribution Propagation In Federated Environments


This feature is relevant for Artifactory 7.84.12 and above and Distribution 2.25.1 and above.

When working with Federated repositories as part of a multi-site environment, a Release Bundle version distributed to an Edge node is propagated to the distribution board of any remote JPD in the Federation that uses the same node. Distribution deletions are propagated as well.


Keep in mind the following:

  • The name of the Edge node might appear differently on each JPD, depending on how it is configured locally.

  • The ability to view distribution events propagated from other Federation members depends on the permissions defined for those Release Bundles.

  • Inactive Edge nodes are not displayed.