Use a Self-signed SSL Certificate for Docker V1

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From Docker version 1.3.1, you can use self-signed SSL certificates with docker push/pull commands, however for this to work, you need to specify the --insecure-registry daemon flag for each insecure registry.

For full details please refer to the Docker documentation.

For example, if you are running Docker as a service, edit the /etc/default/docker file, and append the --insecure-registry flag with your registry URL to the DOCKER_OPTS variable as in the following example:

Edit the DOCKER_OPTS variable

DOCKER_OPTS="-H unix:///var/run/docker.sock --insecure-registry"

For this to take effect, you need to restart the Docker service.

If you are using Boot2Docker, please refer to the Boot2Docker documentation for Insecure Registry.

If you do not make the required modifications to the --insecure-registry daemon flag, you should get the following error:

Error message

Error: Invalid registry endpoint Get x509: certificate signed by unknown authority.

Using previous versions of Docker

In order to use self-signed SSL certificates with previous versions of Docker, you need to manually install the certificate into the OS of each machine running the Docker client (see Issue 2687 ).