Rules and Guidelines for Working With Debian Snapshots

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  • To work with Debian Snapshots in Artifactory, you need to configure the sources file of your Debian client to point to the following path: artUrl/artifactory/api/deb/$repoKey/snapshots/$tag.

  • The root of the snapshot sub-repository is $repoKey/snapshots/$tag.

  • All the metadata files of the $srcRepo/dists/$distribution, including the release and packages file, are copied to the snapshot folder.

  • In the folder, a property called deb.snapshot.source is created pointing to the source repository.

  • You need to use /artifactory/api/deb/$repoKey/snapshots/$tag, whereby the tag is a user-defined name for the snapshot.

  • Deleting a snapshot does not delete the related Debian Package files as the. Debian Snapshots sub-repositories does not contain the packages, but only redirect to them.

To create Debian Snapshot, see the Create Debian Snapshot REST API.Create Debian Snapshot