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JFrog properties can be used in many different implementations that fall under two main use cases:

  • Explicit properties

  • Implicit properties

Explicit Properties

Explicit properties are set by the customer, are customizable, and provide functions that are Searchable and Actionable. These properties can be connected, for example, to artifacts, and then allow for promotion, state management, additional organization information, and more.

  • Locating items in JFrog using properties: By assigning a property to an item, you can easily search for the item in JFrog using that property.

  • Combining several packages: Assign the same property to several packages, and then group the packages into one under the assigned property.

  • Applying values to multiple locations without hardcoding the values: Properties provide the flexibility of identifying an item without hardcoding its values.

  • Creating and applying properties as needed: Create and apply properties to any stage or build.

Implicit Properties

Implicit properties are JFrog Platform-generated properties and are predefined in the system, such as Last Update, Last Upload (e.g., cleanup based on these metadata). For a complete list of implicit properties and their attributes, see GraphQL.GraphQL