Artifactory System Properties for Federated Repository Metrics

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The following Artifactory system properties are used to configure Federated repository monitoring data based on the Open Metrics standard:Artifactory System PropertiesArtifactory Open Metrics Support

  • artifactory.federated.metrics.enabled

    Determines whether metrics writing for Federated repositories is enabled (true/false). The default value is false.


    Defines the minimum threshold (in ms) above which the Open Metrics counter will indicate a repository has breached the sync threshold. The default value is 20000 (20 seconds).


    The default value is also the minimum value.

  • artifactory.federated.metrics.monitoring.interval.time.sec

    Defines the measurement interval for the Federation synchronization of all repositories. The default value is 30 seconds.


    The system will override any defined value that is under the minimum set by JFrog to protect the system, currently set for 5 seconds.

  • artifactory.federated.metrics.exclude.disabled

    Determines whether to exclude disabled mirrors (whose sync lag by definition is always increasing) from metrics writing. The default value is true.

  • artifactory.federated.metrics.enable.count.disabled.members

    Determines whether to count the number of disabled members across all existing Federations in the JPD. The default value is true.