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This section describes known issues and limitations related to the Release Lifecycle Management feature.

  • Release Bundles v2 are managed in the platform UI under Application > Artifactory > Release Lifecycle. The Release Bundles option found under Application > Distribution > Release Bundles refers to v1, which is not forward-compatible with v2.

  • Release Bundle v2 repositories cannot be Federated in the current version. This feature is on the roadmap for inclusion in a future release.

  • Xray cannot scan Conan packages inside a Release Bundle v2. As a result, any vulnerabilities and malicious code in those packages will go undetected.

  • In the current version, the permissions for Release Bundle promotion and Release Bundle distribution are combined in a single setting. This means that all users who are permitted to promote Release Bundles v2 are also permitted to distribute them.Permission Details

  • As of Distribution 2.21.3, Release Bundles v2 created in the context of a specific project can be distributed to Edge nodes and other distribution targets. The following points should be kept in mind:Projects

    • It is recommended to give every Release Bundle a name and version that is unique across all projects. If you attempt to distribute a Release Bundle v2 from one project to an Edge node that already contains a Release Bundle v2 with the same name and version from a different project, the distribution attempt will fail. If this rare case occurs, you must either remove the Release Bundle that was previously distributed or create a new Release Bundle with a unique name and version.

    • Destination permissions are managed at the global level and cannot be configured per specific project.

    • The Received tab for distribution targets does not include information about the source project.Viewing Release Bundles on Edge Nodes

  • If an Edge node is renamed, the new name will be shown on the Distribution board, but any distribution events that were added previously to a Release Bundle version timeline will keep the old name.