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Artifactory provides full support for managing Puppet modules, ensuring optimal and reliable access to Puppet Forge . By aggregating multiple Puppet repositories under a single virtual repository, Artifactory enables upload and download access to all your Puppet modules through a single URL.

As a fully-fledged Puppet repository, on top of its capabilities for advanced artifact management, Artifactory's support for Puppet provides:

  1. The ability to provision Puppet modules from Artifactory to the Puppet command line tool for all repository types.

  2. Calculation of Metadata for Puppet modules hosted in Artifactory's local repositories.

  3. Access to remote Puppet repositories, such as https://forgeapi.puppetlabs.com/, using the Remote Repositories which provide proxy and caching functionalities.

  4. Access to multiple Puppet repositories from a single URL by aggregating them under a Virtual Repository. This overcomes the limitation of the Puppet client which can only access a single registry at a time.

  5. Support for flexible puppet repository layouts that allow you to organize your Puppet modules, and assign access privileges according to projects or development teams.

Puppet version support

Puppet does not support a context path up to version 4.9.1, we recommend using Artifactory with Puppet version 4.9.2 and above. Please see below if you are using Puppet 4.9.1 and below.