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To enable calculation of CRAN metadata, in the Administration module, go to Repositories| Repositories | Local and select CRAN as the Package Type when you create your local repository.


Local CRAN Repository Layout

You need to maintain a specific path structure to manage the CRAN packages that are uploaded to CRAN local repositories.

CRAN packages are uploaded to the following locations:

  • Source packages are automatically uploaded by default to the relative path: src/contrib. For example: src/contrib/ArtifactoryRDS_0.1.0.tar.gz.

  • Binary packages are uploaded to a relative path according to the distribution and R version. For example: /myfirstpkg_1.2.tgz.

Artifactory will find your packages by performing a property search causing the folder hierarchy not to have an impact on performance.

Placing source packages in the recommended path

When uploading a CRAN package via the UI, the default deploy path is not enforced but is recommended since it allows Artifactory to manage the CRAN packages. Uploading the packages to a different path will cause the packages not to be identified as CRAN packages.