How to Use Tree Browsing

JFrog Artifactory Documentation


Tree browsing lets you drill down through the repository hierarchy and display full information about each level. For any repository, folder or artifact selected in the tree, a tabbed panel displays detailed data views and a variety of actions that can be performed on the selected item. The information tabs available are context sensitive and depend on the item selected. For example, if you select an npm package, an npm Info tab displays information specific to npm packages. Similarly for NuGet, RubyGems and any other supported package formats.

Collapse All

Click on the Tree link at the top of the browser to collapse all open nodes in the tree.

Sort the Tree Hierarchy

The default order in which repositories appear in the Tree hierarchy is: Distribution, Local, Remote, Virtual.

You can modify this order through the artifactory.treebrowser.sortRepositories.sortByType system property.

For example, to reverse the order, you would set:


If you omit any repository type in the specified sort order, it will be ordered according to the default setting.

Artifact Browser Tree Hierarchy Manifest.png