Create a New Version of an Existing Release Bundle

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You can create a new version of an existing Release Bundle v2 from the kanban board.

To create a new version of an existing Release Bundle v2:

  1. In the Application module, select Artifactory > Release Lifecycle. The Release Lifecycle dashboard is displayed.

  2. Click the name of the relevant Release Bundle to open the kanban board.

  3. From the Actions menu, do one of the following:

    • Select Create from Release Bundle.

    • Select Create from Build.

  4. Leave the name of the Release Bundle as is.

  5. Enter a new version number in the field provided.


    Version number restrictions:

    • The version is limited to 32 characters.

    • The version must begin with a letter, digit, or underscore.

    • The version must consist only of letters, digits, underscores, periods, and hyphens.

  6. [optional] Select a new signing key.

  7. Click Confirm.


To change the signing key of an existing Release Bundle version, see Change the Signing Key.

Creating a New Release Bundle Version from the Build Window

If the Release Bundle was created from a single build, you can also return to the build from which the previous version was created and create a Release Bundle with a different version number. By default, the name is the same one that was used for the previous version. (Defining a new name creates a new Release Bundle.) The signing key is predefined with the key that was used for the previous version.