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Artifactory supports deploying artifacts to a virtual repository.

To enable this, you first need to designate one of the local repositories that is aggregated by the virtual repository as a deployment target. This can be done through the UI by setting the Default Deployment Repository in the Basic Settings of the Edit Repository screen.

default deployment repo.png

You can also set the Default Deployment Repository using the defaultDeploymentRepo parameter of the Virtual Repository Configuration JSON used in the Update Repository Configuration REST API endpoint. Once the deployment target is configured, you may deploy artifacts to it using any packaging format client configured to work with Artifactory. For example, docker push, npm publish, NuGet push, gem push, etc.Update Repository Configuration

You can also use Artifactory's REST API to deploy an artifact and use the virtual repository key in the path to deploy.Deploy Artifact

If you do specify a Default Deployment Repository for a virtual repository, the corresponding Set Me Up dialog for the repository will also include instructions and code snippets for deploying to that repository.