Test Your Docker Without Reverse Proxy Setup

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Don't use localhost or or "/artifactory"

Due to a limitation in the Docker client, you cannot access an Artifactory Docker registry as localhost or If you need to access a local installation of Artifactory, make sure to specify its full IP address.

In addition, when specifying Artifactory's URL, you should omit the /artifactory suffix normally used.

For example, if your local machine's IP address is, then you must specify your Artifactory URL as http:// (using http://localhost :8082 will not work).

The code snippets below assume you have a virtual Docker repository named docker-virtual in an Artifactory installation at IP

First, you should verify that your Docker client can access Artifactory by run the following command. Making sure that the return code is 200:

curl -I -k -v

Now you can proceed to test your Docker registry.

  • Login to Artifactory as your Docker registry

    docker login -u admin -p password
  • Pull the hello-world image from the docker-virtual repository

    docker pull
  • Tag a Docker image

    docker tag<tag_name>
  • Push the tagged image to docker-virtual

    docker push<tag_name>