Optimize Repository Replication Using Storage Level Synchronization Options

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Requires an Enterprise+ license.

You can set Artifactory to offload the heavy-lifting work of replicating data to the storage device, by only replicating the metadata while ensuring the data is available on the target binary store. This is recommended, for example, when you have two Artifactory instances configured with replication between them. The binary provider configured on Artifactory includes integrated support for replicating data on the storage level, allowing you to assign the replication process to the storage. 

To run repository replication using storage level synchronization options:

  • Synchronize the storage devices for the source and target Artifactory systems.

  • Set the checkBinaryExistenceInFilestore flag to true in the Push or Pull Replication API commands in the source Artifactory. For more information, see the Pull/Push ReplicationSet Repository Replication, and Update Repository Replication API commands.Pull/Push ReplicationSet Repository Replication ConfigurationUpdate Repository Replication Configuration

  • Set the checkBinaryExistenceAllowed flag to true in the target Artifactory with the checksumReplication API command. For more information, see Configure Checksum Replication and Get Checksum Replication API commands.Configure Checksum ReplicationGet Checksum Replication

Enable the Flag During Replication

When enabling the flag, during replication, Artifactory searches for the binary in the target Artifactory instance in the binary storage and if it exists, the source replicates only the metadata.

  • It is the user's responsibility to replicate the data on the storage level.

  • This feature is disabled by default and does not change any behavior.