Delete a Release Bundle (v2) Version

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When a Release Bundle is deleted, it is removed from the Release Bundle repository and all promotion actions associated with the version are removed as well.


This action does not delete the Release Bundle version from an Edge node. To perform that action, see Delete a Release Bundle (v2) from Edge Nodes.

To delete a Release Bundle version:

  1. In the Application module, select Artifactory > Release Lifecycle. The Release Lifecycle dashboard is displayed.

  2. Click the name of the relevant Release Bundle to open the kanban board.

  3. Click the card for the relevant Release Bundle version to open its timeline.

  4. From the Actions menu, select Delete.

  5. In the confirmation window, click OK. All promotions associated with the Release Bundle version and their artifacts are deleted.

Delete a Release Bundle v2 Version using the REST API

To delete a Release Bundle v2 version, use the Delete Release Bundle v2 Version REST API.Delete Release Bundle v2 Version