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A push replication task for a Local Repository is configured in the Replication tab of the Configuring a Local Repository dialog.

First, in the Cron Expression field define the replication task schedule using a valid cron expression.

The Next Replication Time will indicate update accordingly.

Cron Expression VS Event Base Replication

Replication of this repository to all of its targets occurs simultaneously according to the Cron Expressionyou define.

The event base replication will attempt to replicate only the artifacts affected by the event while the Cron Expression will trigger a sync of all artifacts in repository. This difference is important since in case one of the event sync has failed the next time the Cron Expression will trigger a sync all changed will be synced.

Once you have configured the replication properties for each of your replication targets, the Replication tab for your repository displays them.




Destination URLs

The replication targets you have defined


When set, enables replication of this repository to the target specified in Push to

Enable Event Replication

When set, each event will trigger replication of the artifacts changed in this event. This can be any type of event on artifact, e.g. add, deleted or property change.

Number of replication targets

If you do not have an Enterprise license, you may only define one replication target. With an Enterprise license, Artifactory supports multi-push replication and you may define as many targets as you need.