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The Artifact Repository Browser page provides two ways to browse through repositories:

  • Tree browsing : Displays the repository as a tree

  • Simple browsing : Focuses on the currently selected item and displays the level below it in the repository hierarchy as a flat list

Both browsing modes adhere to the security rules defined in the system, and only allow you to perform actions authorized by the system security policies.

To switch between browsing modes, simply select the corresponding link at the top of the Artifact Repository Browser.

Disabling the Native Browser UI

You can disable the native browser UI feature in by setting the following system property to Configuration Files

Artifact Browser Tree Simple Filter Ribbon highlited Tree Simple Search.png

Both the Tree and Simple browsing modes have features to help you navigate them and search for repositories:

  • Repository type icon: Each repository is displayed with a distinct icon that represents its type (local, cache, remote and virtual).

  • Search in the browser: You can search for a specific repository in both browsers by clicking on the filter icon.

  • Keyboard navigation: While in the browser, type the name of the repository you are searching for and Artifactory will navigate you to that repository.

  • Filters: Click the filter icon to filter the repositories displayed in the browser to only display the types that interest you. You can also simply type the filter expression while on the browser