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A pull replication task for a Remote Repository is configured in the Replication tab of the Edit Remote Repositories dialog.

First, in the Cron Expression field define the replication task schedule using a valid cron expression.

The Next Replication Time will indicate update accordingly.




Enable Active Replication of this Repository

When set, this replication will be enabled when saved


The URL of the target local repository on a remote Artifactory server. Use the formathttps://<artifactory_url>/artifactory/<repository_name>.

For some package types, you need to prefix the repository key in the URL with api/<pkg> . For a list of package types where this is required, see the note below.

Enable Event Replication

When set, each event will trigger replication of the artifacts changed in this event. This can be any type of event on artifact, e.g. added, deleted or property change.

Sync Deleted Artifacts

When set, items that were deleted locally should also be deleted remotely (also applies to properties metadata).

Sync Artifact Properties

When set, the task also synchronizes the properties of replicated artifacts.

Path Prefix (optional)

Only artifacts that located in path that matches the subpath within the remote repository will be replicated.

Regarding credentials of the remote repository configuration

The remote repository's file listing for replication is retrieved using the repository's credentials defined under the repository's Advanced configuration section.

The remote files retrieved depend on the effective permissions of the configured user on the remote repository (on the other Artifactory instance).

* Check for which package formats you need to prefix the repository path with api/<pkg>

For some packaging formats, when using the corresponding client to access a repository through Artifactory, the repository key in the URL needs to be prefixed with api/<pkg> in the path. For example, in the case of NPM repositories, the repository key should be prefixed with api/npm.

Nevertheless, there are exceptions to this rule. For example, when replicating Maven repositories, you do not need to add a prefix the remote repository path.

The considerations of whether to prefix the repository key with api/<pkg> or not are the same as those when configuring smart remote repositories. For a detailed list of package formats that should be prefixed with api/<pkg>, please refer to Configuration under Smart Remote Repositories.