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File download settings allow you to configure a number of options regarding how files can be downloaded from the JDP, including if to enable the download of a folder and its contents or just specific files, the maximum size and maximum number of artifacts that can be downloaded under one folder, and more.

To configure Folder Download Settings:

  1. In the navigation panel on the left-hand side of the screen, click Administration administration-button.jpg.

  2. In the Administration module, click the Artifactory tab on the left. The Artifactory Administration screen appears.

  3. In the General pane, click Settings. The Artifactory General Settings screen appears.

  4. To enable Folder Download settings, go to the Folder Download Settings section and select Enable Folder Download.


    You can configure the following Folder Download settings:



    Enable Folder Download

    Must be set to enable folder download.

    Enable Folder Download For Anonymous Access

    Must be set to enable folder download for anonymous users.

    Max Size

    The maximum size (in MB) of a folder that may be downloaded.

    Max Number of Files

    The maximum number artifacts that may be downloaded under one folder.

    Max Parallel Folder Downloads

    The maximum number of folder download requests that may be run concurrently.

  5. When finished with configuration, click Save.