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Vagrant boxes are available through the following URL:

Vagrant box URL

vagrant box add "http://{Artifactory URL}/api/vagrant/{vagrantRepoKey}/{boxName}"

Specifying the path to the box

With Vagrant client commands, make sure you don't specify the path to a box in the command. The path should be specified using properties.

For example, to provision a Vagrant box calledprecise64from a repository calledvagrant-local, you would construct it's name in the following manner:

Provisioning a Vagrant box

vagrant box add "http://localhost:8080/artifactory/api/vagrant/vagrant-local/precise64"

You can select the repository from which you want to provision your box, and click Set Me Up to get the specific URL for the selected repository.

You can also, optionally, pass parameters to specify a specific box version or provider. For example:

Provisioning a Vagrant box by version

vagrant box add "http://localhost:8080/artifactory/api/vagrant/vagrant-local/precise64 --provider virtualbox --box-version 1.0.0"

In addition, boxes can be provisioned using properties; this is useful when you want to download the latest box tagged by a specific property.

The properties query parameter value should comply with Using Properties in Deployment and Resolution