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You can narrow down your search results for complex searches by setting filters in the the advanced filtered search. The search contains filters that apply to all the resources, for example, name and data range, and resource-specific filters in your docker-local repository that have a specific Docker tag. For example you can search for all the Docker images in yourdocker-localrepository that have a specific Docker tag.

To use advanced search filters:

  1. From the left-hand side of the search box at the top of the JPD window, select a resource type, e.g. Packages.

  2. Click Advanced Search advanced-search-filter-button-jan-2024.jpg to the right of the search field. Advanced Search options are displayed for that resource type.

    search packages advanced filters.png
  3. Configure Advanced Search options for the resource type you have selected. You have the below resource types. Click a resource type to see its options:


If Packages are chosen from the object drop to the left of the search field, you can click the Advanced Search button advanced-search-filter-button-jan-2024.jpg , then have Package options. For example, a Type drop-down fieךd appears listing package types, and you can choose Docker for example. JFrog then adds thepkgType:dockerkeyword to the search bar to search for a Docker.