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Artifactory supports Git Large File Storage (LFS) repositories on top of Artifactory's existing support for advanced artifact management.

Artifactory support for Git LFS provides you with a fully functional LFS server that works with the Git LFS client.

LFS blobs from your Git repository can be pushed and maintained in Artifactory offering the following benefits:

  • Performance:

    With Artifactory’s file storage on your local or corporate network, file download times may be significantly reduced. When considering the number of files that may be needed for a build, this can drastically reduce your build time and streamline your workflow.

  • Reliable and consistent access to binaries

    With Artifactory as your LFS repository, all the resources you need for development and build are stored on your own local or corporate network and storage. This keeps you independent of the external network or any 3rd party services.

  • Share binary assets with remote Git LFS repositories

    Share your video, audio, image files, and any other binary asset between teams across your organization by proxying Git LFS repositories on other Artifactory instances or on GitHub.

  • Upload and download binary assets using a single URL

    Use a virtual Git LFS repository as both a source and a target for binary assets. By wrapping local and remote repositories, and defining a deploy target in a virtual Git LFS repository, your Git LFS client only needs to be exposed to that single virtual repository for all your work with binary assets.

  • Security and access control

    Artifactory lets you define which users or groups of users can access your LFS repositories with a full set of permissions you can configure. You can control where developers can deploy binary assets to, whether they can delete assets and more. And if it’s access to your servers that you’re concerned about, Artifactory provides full integration with the most common access protocols such as LDAP, SAML, Crowd and others.

  • One solution for all binaries

    Once you are using Artifactory to store media assets there is no need to use a 3rd party LFS provider. Artifactory can now handle those along with all the other binaries it already manages for you.

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