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From Artifactory version 7.58.x, the default method for Cargo indexing is sparse indexing. However, If you are using an Artifactory earlier than 7.46.3, or a Cargo client earlier than 1.60, you may need to use Cargo Git Indexing.

To configure the Cargo client to work opposite JFrog Artifactory using Git indexing:

  1. Edit the configuration file under your Cargo home directory (for example ~/.cargo/config.toml). In this example we use artprod.mycompany to represent the Artifactory:

    # Makes artifactory the default registry and saves passing --registry parameter
    default = "artifactory"
    index = ""
    # For sending credentials in git requests.
    # Not required if anonymous access is enabled
    git-fetch-with-cli = true
  2. To set your credentials for API calls such as publish and yank, add the following section to the credentials file under your Cargo home directory (for example ~/.cargo/credentials.toml):

    token = "Bearer pm-admin:<PASSWORD> (converted to base 64)"

Git Support for Cargo Repositories

As the Cargo Client requires the Cargo registry to be a Git repository, the following Git support has been applied in Artifactory:

  • An internal .git folder exists for each Cargo repository to reflect the index .git files. This folder is recreated after every reindexing process.

  • An internal git directory in the Data directory of Artifactory has been added for each Cargo repository. This is a local clone that will be recreated following each restart or repository init.