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Artifactory now supports SemVer 2.0 rules for NuGet repositories (for both NuGet API v2 and API v3), which means you can now use pre-release numbers with dot notation or add metadata to the version, for example: MyApp.3.0.0-build.60, MyApp.1.0+git.52406.

Artifactory serves the requests for downloading packages in SemVer 2.0 rules. For example, if the latest version for a certain package is in SemVer 2.0 convention, Artifactory will return it to the client. NuGet packages with the SemVer 2.0 convention are served from local, remote, and virtual repositories and for both NuGet API v2, and v3 feeds.

NuGet packages with SemVer2 are not available for old NuGet clients (prior to version 4.3.0). This is a breaking change that was made to align with the official global repository behavior. To retain the old behavior, use the artifactory.nuget.disableSemVer2SearchFilterForLocalRepos flag.