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To deploy SBT build artifacts to repositories in Artifactory, add the following code snippets to your build.sbt file.

For releases, add:

publishTo := Some("Artifactory Realm" at "http://<host>:<port>/artifactory/<repo-key>")
credentials += Credentials("Artifactory Realm", "<host>", "<USERNAME>", "<PASS>")

For snapshots, add:

publishTo := Some("Artifactory Realm" at "http://<host>:<port>/artifactory/<repo-key>;build.timestamp=" + new java.util.Date().getTime)
credentials += Credentials("Artifactory Realm", "<host>", "<USERNAME>", "<PASS>")

Where <host>:<port> is the host URL and port on which Artifactory is running, and repo-key is the Artifactory repository to which you are deploying artifacts.