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Artifactory supports replication of repositories between two Artifactory instances to support development by different teams distributed over distant geographical sites. The benefits of replication are:

  • Ensuring developers all work with the same version of remote artifacts

  • Ensuring build artifacts are shared efficiently between the different development teams

  • Overcoming connectivity issues such as network latency and stability when accessing remote artifacts

  • Accessing specific versions of remote artifacts

Artifactory versions for replication

We strongly recommend that replication is only performed between servers running the same version of Artifactory.


We do not recommend using Artifactory repository replication in conjunction with AWS S3 cross-region replication of your filestore. Such a configuration can cause synchronization issues.


Learn more about how to tune Cron Replication for a large number of artifacts.

Two main methods of replication are supported:

  • Push replication

    Both scheduled and event-based push replication are supported, and multi-push replication is available with an Enterprise license

  • Pull replication

    Both scheduled and event-based pull replication are supported; event-based pull requires an Enterprise license.