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Artifactory supports PHP Composer repositories on top its existing support for advanced artifact management.

Artifactory support for Composer provides:

  • Provisioning Composer packages from Artifactory to the Composer command line tool from all repository types.

  • Calculation of metadata for Composer packages hosted in Artifactory local repositories.

  • Access to remote Composer metadata repositories (Packagist and Artifactory Composer repositories) and package repositories (such as Github, Bitbucket etc..) through remote repositories Remote Repositories which provide proxy and caching functionality.

  • Assigning access privileges according to projects or development teams.

  • Support PHP Composer versions 1 and 2 (virtual repositories are only supported for Composer version 2 only),

  • Support for downloading Drupal file version 7 and 8 from remote repositories.

Integration Benefits JFrog Artifactory and PHP Composer Repositories