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Artifactory fully supports PyPI repositories providing:

  1. The ability to provision PyPI packages from Artifactory to the pip command line tool from all repository types.

  2. Calculation of Metadata for PyPI packages hosted in Artifactory's local repositories.

  3. Access to remote PyPI repositories (such as through Remote Repositories which provides proxy and caching functionality.

  4. The ability to access multiple PyPI repositories from a single URL by aggregating them under a Virtual Repository.

  5. Compatibility with the setuptools and its predecessor distutils libraries for uploading PyPI packages.

Running on Windows

To use Artifactory PyPI repositories on Windows, make sure to set the required environment variables for Python and Pip.

Note that on Windows platforms, %HOME%\pip\pip.ini replaces the pip.conf file described in the sections below and should be reachable through your HOME path.