Set Up Go Proxy Mirror Repositories

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When configuring Artifactory to proxy a private registry, it is highly recommended to always create a proxy mirror directing to to resolve your public modules. This will reduce your unnecessary usage on your other remotes pointing to your private repositories hosted on other git providers and avoid potential rate-limiting issues.

To create a proxy mirror repository:

  1. Create a new remote repository and set Go as its Package Type.

  2. Set the Repository Key value, and enter in the URL field as displayed below.

  3. In the Go Settings section, set the Git Provider as Artifactory.

  4. In the Advanced tab, select the Priority Resolution checkbox.

  5. Click Save & Finish.

  6. Nest the repository you just created and your remote repository proxying a private registry under the same virtual repository. That way, whenever you resolve an artifact through the virtual repository, Artifactory will attempt to resolve your cached artifacts first and avoid requesting the external registry.