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The procedure below describes how to export a Release Bundle v2 to a .zip file that can be transferred to a different Artifactory instance in an Air Gap environment.

To export a Release Bundle v2:

  1. In the Application module, select Artifactory > Release Lifecycle. The Release Lifecycle dashboard is displayed.


    Distributing Release Bundles v2 using the dashboard requires Distribution 2.22.1 or above.

  2. Click the name of the relevant Release Bundle to open the kanban board.

  3. Click the card for the relevant Release Bundle version to open its timeline.

  4. From the Actions menu, select Export.

  5. (optional) In the Path Mappings field, specify a list of input and output regex mapping pairs that define where the queried artifact is located and where it should be placed after it is imported. Click Add after defining each mapping pair. Use this option if the path on the target is different than the source path.


    You can define the path mapping only during the first export or distribution of a Release Bundle version.


    You can define custom mappings of your own or click Use Template to use one of the provided Path Mapping templates:



    Change Repository

    All files in a specific repository on the source Artifactory service are mapped to a different repository on the target.

    Change Folder

    All files are moved to a specific folder in the target.

    Rename Folder

    All files in a specific folder on the source Artifactory service are mapped to a different folder on the target.

  6. Click Export. When the process is complete, a new event is added to the version timeline.


    When JFrog Xray is used to scan Release Bundles for potential vulnerabilities and license violations, Xray will block the distribution if the License Bundle violates a Policy that has a blocking action defined. For more information, see Scan Release Bundles (v2) with Xray .

Additional Export Actions

Click the export event in the timeline to view the list of artifacts included in the exported archive. Use the icons to perform the following actions on the archive: