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It is common for a repository to accumulate many different artifacts deployed under the same group (or path prefix) and the same version. This is especially true for snapshot deployments of multi-module projects, where all deployed artifacts use the same version. Deleting a version by individually deleting its constituent artifacts can be tedious, and would normally be managed by writing a dedicated script. Artifactory lets you select one of the artifacts in a version and then delete all artifacts with the same version tag in a single click while keeping the corresponding metadata descriptors up to date.

To delete a version, right-click a folder in the Tree Browser and select Delete Versions.

Artifactory drills down into the selected folder and returns a list of all the groups and versions that can be deleted.

Artifact Browser Delete Versions.png

Select the versions you want to clean up and click Delete Selected.

Limit to number of versions displayed

To avoid an excessively long search, Artifactory only displays the different version numbers assigned to the first 1,000 artifacts found in the selected level of the repository hierarchy. If you do not see the version number you wish to delete, filter the artifacts displayed in the Delete Versions dialog by Group ID or Version number.