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There are a number of ways to search and view properties in the JFrog Platform UI.


Only users who have Annotate Permissions can add and edit properties in JFrog; for more information, see Permissions.Permissions

View Properties in the Artifact Tree Browsers

When selecting any item in the tree browser, click its Properties tab to view or edit the properties attached to the item (if any have been set).

The properties appear in the Properties list at the bottom of the window..


Search for Properties in the UI

  1. To search for properties in the UI, go to Artifactory in the Application tab and select Artifacts.

  2. Click the Search filter function, and then in the Type dropdown, select Property.

    This opens the Search Artifacts dialog.

  3. From the Repository dropdown, select one or more repositories.

  4. Optional:

    1. To search for a specific property, click +Add to add the key and value of the property.

    2. To search for a specific property-set, click +Add to add the key and value of the property set.

  5. Click Search to begin searching.