Deploy a Vagrant Package Using the JFrog Platform WebUI

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To deploy a Vagrant box to Artifactory, in the Application module, under Artifactory | Artifacts select the repository to which you want to deploy your Vagrant box and click Deploy.

The Deploy dialog is displayed with your selected repository as the Target Repository and a default Target path.


You can add properties you wish to attach to your box as parameters to the target path.

For example, to upload the box, and specify that its name is precise64, with a provider of virtualbox and the version is 1.0.0, you would enter:

Specifying the Target Path

Vagrant Set Me Up

You can also select your repository and click Set Me Up to view the cURL command you can use to upload your box.


Be careful with spaces

Make sure you don't enter any superfluous spaces in the Target Path specification.

Once you have deployed your Vagrant box, and Artifactory has recalculated the repository index, your repository should be organized as displayed below: