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This section provides some examples of how to use properties in JFrog through a wide variety of interfaces and options.

Use Properties in the REST APIs

Properties are a special form of metadata that are stored on items just like any metadata - but in XML form. You can view properties not only from the Artifacts:Properties tab, but also from the Artifacts:Metadata tab, in which you can examine properties as they are stored in XML form. The properties XML uses the properties root tag and has a very simple format. As such, you can set, retrieve and remove properties from repository items via REST API, as you would do with any other XML-based metadata. For more information, see Artifactory REST APIs.Introduction to the Artifactory REST APIs

Use Properties in the CLI

JFrog CLI is a compact and smart client, which provides a simple interface for automating access to JFrog products. TheCLI command enables you to set properties on any artifact in Artifactory. For more information, see Setting Properties on Files.

Use Properties in the AQL

An AQL resource creates an Artifactory query using the Artifactory Query Language (AQL). This type of resource can be used in the configuration of a FileSpec resource to specify file properties to match against, and as an inputresource for the CreateReleaseBundle step to define the query that is used to create a release bundle. For more information, see Aql.Aql

Use Properties in the User Plugins

User plugins written in Groovy enable you to adapt Artifactory's behavior to meet your own needs, including responding to any storage events on items and properties. For more information, see User Plugins.User Plugins

Use Property Sets

You can define the collections of properties called 'Property Sets' in the user interface. In each property-set you can define properties and for each property specify whether the property is open, single-value or multi-value. This impacts the UI you see when setting a property value and when searching for property values; as such, using searchable properties in artifact management is a very powerful feature. For more information, see Property Sets.

Matrix Parameters

Matrix parameters are key-value pairs parameters separated by a semicolon (;) that you can place anywhere on a URL. For more information, see Using Properties in Deployment and Resolution.