Set Up a Federated Repository Using the UI

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To set up a Federated repository using the platform UI:

  1. From the Administration module, navigate to Repositories | Repositories.

  2. Click Add Repositories and select Federated Repository.

    select a federated repo.png
  3. Configure the Basic repository settings.


    It is mandatory to assign a Repository Key that will be added as the prefix to the Federated repository and displayed on all the sites.

  4. Configure the Advanced repository settings, including defining a proxy (if your organization requires you to go through a proxy to access a Federated repository).

  5. In the Federation tab, proceed to add the repositories located on other JFrog Platform Deployments (JPDs) to the Federation. Click Add Repository.

  6. In the Add Repositories dialog, add the repositories to the Federation using one of these methods:

    • Deployments: If you have JFrog Mission Control installed, the repositories on the remote JFrog Platform Deployments will automatically be populated. If the repository with the identical name doesn't exist on the remote JFrog Platform Deployment, click Create New to duplicate this repository.

    • URL: Manually add a predefined URL path to the repository. If the repository does not exist on the remote JFrog Platform Deployment, it will be created automatically according to the following syntax.

      <BASE_URL>/artifactory/<repository_name> //For example, http://<ip address>:8082/artifactory/fed117


    JFrog Platform Deployments will appear only if you have set up bindings or established a Circle of Trust.

  7. Click Save. You will be returned to the Basic tab.

  8. Click Create Federated Repository.

  9. Click Save.

Federated Repositories Not Supported for Artifactory Backend Repositories

It is not possible to connect a Terraform Backend repository to a Federated repository. This limitation prevents inconsistencies in the system state, which could lead to unexpected behavior or errors.