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To ensure that Debian repositories are not corrupted by malformed packages, Artifactory first validates parts of the Debian metadata to make sure that none of the relevant metadata fields are empty. If the validation process indicates a malformed package, Artifactory provides several indications:

  • The package is not indexed

  • The package is annotated with the following property:

    • key: deb.index.status

    • value: the reason the package failed the validation process

  • If the package is selected in the Tree Browser, the Debian Info tab will display a message indicating that it was not indexed and why it failed the validation process

  • A message is logged in the Artifactory log file indicating that the package was not indexed and why it failed the validation process.

Disable validation

Debian package validation is controlled by the debian.metadata.validation system property . Package validation is enabled by default. To disable Debian package validation set:Artifactory Configuration Files


Finding malformed packages

To easily find all malformed packages in your Debian repositories, you can use Property Search or run an AQL query with Properties Criteria on the deb.index.status property described above.